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Travel Pillow

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How's your sleep when you travel? Probably not so great. Or maybe you just think to yourself, what the heck, it's just a trip. But think about it, the whole purpose of a trip is to relax and appreciate your destination, so why not enjoy the ride as well?

Our sleep tool is a new breed of travel pillow. An unusual pillow, for an unusually good sleep that has been designed to fit your favorite sleeping position. Our goal was to make you sleep comfortably and help you maintain a good posture because your health matters. We invest so much money in having a perfect bed, and great pillows, so why not invest in the best travel pillow then?


  1. Linear shape ensures that your head remains in it's axis. Why should you care? Because it optimises your body for a deeper sleep and completely removes neck soreness and back pain. 
  2. Next generation flexible support the keystone of strong support is the material.  MonPère is made of solid silicone to keep it flexible but firm. We also added a second layer of rods in the finger to allow your head to rest entirely. No matter the weight, you're always comfortable. 
  3. 15-30 min a flight experts says that a lack of sleep during travel increases heart risks, loss of concentration, irritability and appetite.

Tips to sleep on a plane

While a few lucky folks can pass out easily upon takeoff, for most of us, quality in-flight sleep is a struggle. And that can lead to exhaustion and several nights of playing catch-up when you arrive at your final destination.

Beyond the tips you likely already know—invest in earplugs, an eyemask, wear comfy clothing; and upgrade to a first class ticket (#lifegoals)—here are 6 tips for more ways you can rest en route.

1. Uncross your legs

2. Wear socks

3. Lean back

4. Avoid alcohol

5. Don't eat too much

6. Power down all electronics

How does it work?

Simply bend one end of the product around yourself or the back your seat and bend the other end into a secure position for your head. You can even use the hand to hold your device for movie time.

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